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About us


It all started when…

We began working in the event industry in different capacities and to be perfectly honest, we knew we could run the show better than just being the support. We love the creative outlet leading and designing events gives us and we play to each other’s strengths making us a dynamic pair. Together, we bring fine attention to detail, creativity, organization, and open communication to our work.



About me

My name is Ricky. I was born and raised all over Maryland and like a true Maryland native, I love crab cakes and football. I have a newfound love for Broadway plays—guys I highly recommend. I’m also that annoying guy that points out how beautiful the sky is especially during sunset or sunrise.

In my spare time

In my spare time I like to play basketball and take our dog Frankenstein to the dog park or on car rides.  I enjoy spending time with my wife exploring new wineries and breweries and going to football games with my friends.



About me

I am a lover of all things creative, whimsical, and fantasy. These elements mixed with a love story have me swooning! I have a genuine passion for designing and conceptualizing details that push creative boundaries. Growing up I was mildly obsessed with design shows, top model, and anything wedding related so starting a business with my husband that lets my creative soul fly free is pretty liberating.

In my spare time

I like to watch every version and spin-off of Project Runway and I can binge anything with at least 3 seasons on Netflix. I love spending time with my husband and our puppy child, Frankenstein going on hikes, traveling some place warm, or just relaxing at home.